And the winner is…

No this isn’t another Oscar blog entry about the glorification of “The Hurt Locker” which pulled off the upset for Best Picture (much to my disapproval, I may add). Nor are we here to praise Jeffrey Lebowski, I mean Jeff Bridges, for his first Best Actor Award (The Dude abides)… No, no, this entry is about a winner of another kind; someone who excelled on the field as a player and a leader, as well as in the classroom and in her community. This entry is brought to you by Marlins RBI All Star second baseman, Natalie Quigg, one of the 2009 RBI for RBI Scholarship winners.


Hey Seniors,
My name is Natalie and I just wanted to emphasize how important it is that you work hard on your essay and turn it in. I was a 2009 recipient for the RBI scholarship. I got the call when I was the in the grocery store.
At first, I’ll be honest; I was not going to submit the essay. I didn’t think that I could actually win a 20,000 dollar scholarship!! I am so glad I had a change of mind. I encourage each and every one of you to write a heartfelt essay and submit it on time. People in New York will read it and judge your essay/talent. I was shocked when I received the phone call. Now I can say I have the opportunity to go to college and fulfill my passion, and worry free! Marlins RBI program has done SO much for me, imagine what it could do for you. I not only received 20,000 dollars to pay for education, I now have a good reputation and better chance to make my schools softball team. I was on television and I traveled and met many friends whom I still keep in contact with today. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what I have without the RBI program. The people I met, coaches and players, are amazing people and they have helped me so much and continue to offer their support today. I still receive phone calls on how I’m doing etc, and they do their best to get your money to your school as quickly and smoothly as possible. I never imagined I would even be considered for this scholarship, much less be 1 of 2 recipients in south Florida to receive it. To put the cherry on my cake they even gave me a FREE limo ride from my home in Miami to Jupiter to be awarded for my achievements; plus they treated me to a delicious, and yes, FREE dinner where I had the opportunity to meet Hank Aaron. WRITE THE ESSAY AND SUBMIT IT. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST LUCK AND EARLY CONGRATS TO THOSE 2010 WINNERS!

RBI Scholarship

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