2011 Schedule – Home Team Is Second Team Listed Unless Otherwise Listed!
Monday May 23, 2011
1 vs 2 7:00 PM PPO
7 vs 9 6:00 PM Hialeah Gardens
3 vs 13 7:00 PM Maxwell Park
6 vs 10 7:00 PM Miami Lakes Optimist
4 vs 12 6:00 PM Miramar
5 vs 11 7:00 PM Alex Fernandez
Saturday May 28, 2011
8 vs 9 9:00 AM Hialeah Gardens
9 vs 8 11:15 AM Hialeah Gardens
1 vs 3 9:00 AM PPO
3 vs 1 11:15 AM PPO
7 vs 10 9:00 AM Miami Central
10 vs 7 11:15 AM Miami Central
4 vs 13 9:00 AM Miramar
13 vs 4 11:15 AM Miramar
6 vs 11 9:00 AM Alex Fernandez
11 vs 6 11:15 AM Alex Fernandez
5 vs 12 9:00 AM Scott Park
12 vs 5 11:15 AM Scott Park
Tuesday May 31, 2011
2 vs 3 7:00 PM Maxwell
8 vs 10 7:00 PM Miami Lakes Optimist
1 vs 4 6:00 PM Miramar
7 vs 11 7:00 PM Alex Fernandez
5 vs 13 7:00 PM Curtis Park 
6 vs 12 6:00 PM Pepper Park
Saturday June 4, 2011
RBI BASEBALL CLINIC 10:00AM Sun Life Stadium
Monday June 6, 2011
9 vs 10 7:00 PM Miami Lakes Optimist
2 vs 4 6:00 PM Miramar
8 vs 11 7:00 PM Alex Fernandez
1 vs 5 7:00 PM Scott Park
7 vs 12 6:00 PM Miami Central
6 vs 13 7:00 PM Curtis Park
Saturday June 11, 2011
3 vs 4 9:00 AM Miramar
4 vs 3 11:15 AM Miramar
9 vs 11 9:00 AM Alex Fernandez
11 vs 9 11:15 AM Alex Fernandez
2 vs 5 9:00 AM Scott Park
5 vs 2 11:15 AM Scott Park
8 vs 12 9:00 AM North Miami Beach
12 vs 8 11:15 AM North Miami Beach
1 vs 6 9:00 AM Pepper Park
6 vs 1 11:15 AM Pepper Park
7 vs 13 9:00 AM Miami Lakes Optimist
13 vs 7 11:15 AM Miami Lakes Optimist
Tuesday June 14, 2011
10 vs 11 7:00 PM Alex Fernandez 
3 vs 5 7:00 PM Scott Park
9 vs 12 6:00 PM Hialeah Gardens
2 vs 6 7:00 PM PPO
8 vs 13 6:00 PM North Miami Beach
1 vs 7 7:00 PM Miami Lakes Optimist
Saturday June 18, 2011
4 vs 5 9:00 AM Scott Park
5 vs 4 11:15 AM Scott Park
10 vs 12 9:00 AM Miami Lakes Optimist
12 vs 10 11:15 AM Miami Lakes Optimist
3 vs 6 9:00 AM Maxwell Park
6 vs 3 11:15 AM Maxwell Park
9 vs 13 9:00 AM Hialeah Gardens
13 vs 9 11:15 AM Hialeah Gardens
2 vs 7 9:00 AM PPO
7 vs 2 11:15 AM PPO
1 vs 8 9:00 AM North Miami Beach
8 vs 1 11:15 AM North Miami Beach
Wednesday June 22, 2011
2 vs 8 6:00 PM North Miami Beach
3 vs 9 6:00 PM Hialeah Gardens
11 vs 10 6:00 PM Alex Fernandez

College Bound? RBI for RBI Scholarship now available…

Scholarship Application 2011.pdf

“Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

For those of you in the final months of your high school journey, we encourage you to enjoy your last season of high school baseball and softball. Many of you have decided on where you will be attending college, and some of you are still undecided; but one thing that everyone has in common is the desire to earn a college scholarship. RBI has provided 16 national scholarships the past 2 years, with 4 winners coming out of the Marlins RBI program (Vanessa Barcelo and Natalie Quigg in 2009; Rochelle Williams and Obi Obioguzor in 2010).


Please see the attached document for eligibility guidelines and application.


This is your opportunity to continue your education and have the opportunity to be awarded the RBI for RBI Scholarship. The deadline is April 1, 2011

RBI Winter Clinic Series Postponed

Sadly, due to unforseen circumstances, both the RBI baseball and softball Winter clinics that had been scheduled for December 11th are postponed until further notice. We look forward to hearing from coaches who wish to have their players participate or from the players themselves…

Last year’s baseball clinic was a great success with guest instructors Charles Johnson (former Marlins Catcher), Tony Taylor (former Marlins Infield instructor), and scouts from the MLB Scouting Bureau, Red Sox, and Roayls.

We hope to launch the inaugural softball Winter clinic this year with guest instructors from the defending NJCAA Champion Miami Dade Softball team.

Stay tuned for details, or visit us on facebook.com under Marlins RBI             


Hitting Home With RBI


In case you missed the ESPN special that aired September 14th. Marlins RBI was prominently featured as host of the World Series, the Southeast Regional Champion of the Junior Division, participants in the Jr. RBI Classic, two Scholarship winner from Marlins RBI, and a special segment on Marlins RBI alumnus George Barber. Hitting Home with RBI demonstrates the impact that RBI has had on a number of communities, but allows you to meet some of the faces that have been directly impacted by RBI and hear their stories.

2010 RBI World Series

Partnering with MLB and KPMG, we served as hosts for the second consecutive year to the RBI World Series.  16 teams in total competed in two age divisions, Seniors and Juniors, and the Marlins RBI program represented the Southeast Region in the Juniors division in similar fashion to last year. They played exceptionally well during seeding games and had impressive performances including multiple homeruns from Franklyn Richardson and Gerald McCoy in their game against Boston RBI, however they were eliminated prior to reaching the finals.

This tournament was not just about playing games, but about opportunities. Having traveled from some underserved areas in their respective cities, this was a chance to play in front of MLB and collegiate scouts and increase their chance of playing at the next level and possibly continue their education. Scholarships were awarded to regular season RBI participants and flown in to receive their awards that were distributed by MLB and KPMG. For the Seniors from LA and Houston RBI, they were treated like professional athletes playing at Roger Dean Stadium in front of a live television audience thanks to MLB Network. They actually set a record; the longest rain delay in the history of Roger Dean Stadium 2 hours and 56 minutes.

A week after the boys ended their tournament, it was the ladies turn. With the defending champions, Hawaii, not making it to the World Series the field was wide open. No hitters were thrown, tremendous plays were made, and the speed game of softball was played all day long as part of double headers. The young ladies had the opportunity to meet Olympic gold medalist Natasha Watley as well as Sharon Robinson during the opening banquet.  Teams battled all week long and when it was all said and done, Tampa and LA faced off in what turned out to be a rain shortened championship game where LA outlasted Tampa.




And the winner is…

No this isn’t another Oscar blog entry about the glorification of “The Hurt Locker” which pulled off the upset for Best Picture (much to my disapproval, I may add). Nor are we here to praise Jeffrey Lebowski, I mean Jeff Bridges, for his first Best Actor Award (The Dude abides)… No, no, this entry is about a winner of another kind; someone who excelled on the field as a player and a leader, as well as in the classroom and in her community. This entry is brought to you by Marlins RBI All Star second baseman, Natalie Quigg, one of the 2009 RBI for RBI Scholarship winners.


Hey Seniors,
My name is Natalie and I just wanted to emphasize how important it is that you work hard on your essay and turn it in. I was a 2009 recipient for the RBI scholarship. I got the call when I was the in the grocery store.
At first, I’ll be honest; I was not going to submit the essay. I didn’t think that I could actually win a 20,000 dollar scholarship!! I am so glad I had a change of mind. I encourage each and every one of you to write a heartfelt essay and submit it on time. People in New York will read it and judge your essay/talent. I was shocked when I received the phone call. Now I can say I have the opportunity to go to college and fulfill my passion, and worry free! Marlins RBI program has done SO much for me, imagine what it could do for you. I not only received 20,000 dollars to pay for education, I now have a good reputation and better chance to make my schools softball team. I was on television and I traveled and met many friends whom I still keep in contact with today. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what I have without the RBI program. The people I met, coaches and players, are amazing people and they have helped me so much and continue to offer their support today. I still receive phone calls on how I’m doing etc, and they do their best to get your money to your school as quickly and smoothly as possible. I never imagined I would even be considered for this scholarship, much less be 1 of 2 recipients in south Florida to receive it. To put the cherry on my cake they even gave me a FREE limo ride from my home in Miami to Jupiter to be awarded for my achievements; plus they treated me to a delicious, and yes, FREE dinner where I had the opportunity to meet Hank Aaron. WRITE THE ESSAY AND SUBMIT IT. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST LUCK AND EARLY CONGRATS TO THOSE 2010 WINNERS!

RBI Scholarship

Marlins RBI Juniors Make a Splash at 2009 RBI World Series, presented by KPMG


Throughout this past RBI season, there were many bright spots and moments to be remembered. Outstanding performances during the regular season; nail biting pitching duels in the wood bat tournament, and gutsy performances at regionals by all three of our All-Star teams. The Senior team attempted to make a return appearance at the World Series, but found their bats to go cold at inopportune moments. The Softball team made positive strides from last year, but again fell short to defending regional champion Tampa. This year’s standout team was our Junior All-Stars who dominated Regional play on their way to the 2009 RBI World Series, presented by KPMG.

At the World Series, Miami Juniors represented the Southeast region, and went 2-1 in pool play. They began play by taking on Cleveland and immediately falling behind 3-7 before eventually using their speed to help erupt for a seven run inning behind the bat of Demetrius Morrer who had a game high 3 RBI’s. This was a confidence boosting performance to begin the tournament; an impressive 10-7 come from behind victory.

Later in the afternoon, fresh off their first victory, Miami had the challenge of taking on defending champion Detroit. After falling behind 1-3, Miami was able to tie up the game led by two hits off the bat of Demetrius Morrer. Inning after inning goose eggs were thrown up on the score board by relief pitcher Williams Durrothy who fanned seven hitters in three inning of work. However in the top half of the seventh, Detroit proved to be too much and scored the final two runs of the game, ending the Juniors day with a split in pool play.

The last day of pool play arrived and Miami had something to prove. With a favorable seed on the line, the Miami team showed off the offensive prowess that helped make them Regional Champs. A convincing 17-7 onslaught ensued, where they never trailed once they came up to bat. A performance of both speed and power displayed what a balanced offense is capable of, led by the three, four and five hitters, Carlos Sosa, Gabriel Valverde and Andres Sanchez, combining  to go 7-for-12 with a home run, nine RBIs and three runs scored in its route of Cleveland.. The boys were prepared to go into elimination day with momentum on their side… at least that’s what one would have assumed.

Before elimination games would begin, teams were going to take part in Workout Day. This was a chance for these up and coming players to show their abilities off in front of a number of MLB scouts. In the competition portion of the day, Miami came away with two victories. Demetrius Morrer displayed his base running and raw speed with a time of 14.2 seconds in the home to home run sprint, while the Miami Infield with participants Jose Ortiz, Andres Sanchez, Carlos Sosa, and Dante Albert, had the fastest time around the horn, completing it in a gold glove like time of 6.29 seconds

Pool play was over and when the brackets came out, Miami was pegged to go up against Montgomery. Once the game began, it was an uphill battle, as Miami fell further behind after every inning. For whatever reason, every pitcher who took the hill could not command the strike zone. That combined with subpar defense led to a first round exit after a 12-1 defeat. The Miami Marlins had played their final game of the World Series, and despite having exited in a way that was both shocking and disappointing, their presence was at the World Series was certainly noticed and other teams new that they hadn’t seen the last of Miami RBI.